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Durable and strong

Durable and strong

Products to ensure longevity, reliability, and daily usage.


Installed in hours not days

Flexible install schedules to minimize downtime to maximize your business revenue.

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Best in class warranty

Committed to product durability. High-quality materials built to last.


One-piece seamless wall

Eliminate leaks, cracks, and mildew. A grout-free, low-maintenance solution.

Safety and Accessibility

ADA-compliant solutions to better serve the healthcare industry.

Our bathroom remodels are designed to make healthcare spaces safe and accessible for everyone. Adding safety accessories, such as grab bars and shower seats, ensures peace of mind for patients, visitors, and staff.


Installations in as Little as One Day

  • Quick installation process without the mess of demolition.
  • Shorter renovation periods reduces downtime.
  • Remodels completed discreetly, without disrupting the rest of the establishment.
  • Easy-to-clean, non-porous materials that maintain a hygienic environment.

Easy to Clean

Prioritizing cleanliness and the highest standards of hygiene.

Our non-porous acrylic sheets are easy to clean, reducing time spent on maintenance. The tile-free and grout-free designs reduce any risk of mildew or soap scum buildup, making them a game-changer in the healthcare industry where cleanliness is paramount.

Multi Fam seamless

Commercial Bathroom Transformations - Before and After

A better bathroom remodel that does not compromise on business operations.


Tub-to-shower conversion with easy-access shower

bath green

Bathtub Transformation

Bath modern

Tub-to-shower conversion with easy-access shower


Experience the business benefits of Bath Fitter renovations from our satisfied clients’ perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our speedy remodel process involves no harsh chemicals. We can install a shower in less than two days. Reducing the downtime for renovation makes Bath Fitter an ideal choice for hospitals. Also, our non-porous acrylic is easy to clean – an especially important factor for hospital renovations.

Our team of experts will work with you to design easy-access walk-in or roll-in shower with custom placed grab bars, shower seats, and glass doors or shower curtains. Shelving and shower organization can also be installed at different heights to allow for easier access

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